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Run with your friends even if you're on opposite sides of the world. 

What makes Racefully different?

Racefully is the social fitness app connecting runners in over 70 countries through real-time virtual races, fun runs, and running clubs.   

From a first run to a first marathon, Racefully’s live running technology is designed to help runners achieve their goals through social support and friendly competition: Run with a friend in another city, race against your personal best, or achieve your goals together with a tribe of similar runners. 

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More about our social features

Run live with up to seven friends

Our friendly run commentator will let you know how you're doing

Share your run stats and invite your friends to race them

Share your runs to your favourite social network or by email

Join a tribe of similar runners

Reach your goals as a team or see how you rank on tribe leaderboards

About Racefully

The inspiration for Racefully began with an ending - two, in fact- when cofounders, Chris Pointon and David Naylor, both found themselves without their running communities. For Chris, it was the move back to the UK from Boston. For David, his best running mate moving away. 

And so the idea for Racefully was born-- an app that lets you run with friends even when you can’t be in the same place. Luckily, Chris and David found each other at the right time, and Racefully was founded. A year of development, tonnes of market research, and countless runs later, the Racefully app was officially launched in July, 2016.

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